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Nov 4, 2022              Chris Buckley

Bruce Springsteen says it; apparently, it’s one of the defining features of our evolution.


As we get less opportunity nowadays to run a wild boar into suppertime submission many of us don our super tech cushioned soles and pound the treadmills, streets, and tracks of Huddersfield.


Some people run; that is, “move at a speed faster than a walk”. (that’s me! by the way – just!). Some people really run, they kind of Run-run! A bit like going Out-out!  When they run, there is a brief period when they don’t have both feet on the ground at the same time! That’s flying! What’s more they do this for long periods of time over vehicular distances.


And occasionally, well inevitably it seems, this activity we were born to do causes some pain which may disappear with a bit of stretching, or it may persist. Good news for physios, osteo’s and people that make ibuprofen gel.


We are also (very) complicated, that is according to Avril Lavigne and everybody else, ever. Sadly, we don’t treat ourselves as complicated. We filter and sort and reduce things down, so we understand them. But the body just does not work that way.


The acupuncture consultation (the talky bit) considers the whole body. Acupuncture diagnosis can be a profound and prosaic thing. Is this person deficient or are they showing excess. Are they cold, or warm. How do they sleep, eat, rest, look, sweat, move talk and drink (see later). This consultation can last 20 minutes or an hour. From which, the acupuncturist will normally go on and decide a suitable treatment. (Not always needles by the way). We use words such as expel, smooth, open, nourish, tonify, reduce, drain, clear, move, warm, dissipate, course, or resolve. This is almost philosophical vocabulary, yet we are referring to energetic processes within the body.


It’s said when you treat its 50% patient; 50% patient’s environment. Think about it


The map is not the terrain: You look at the 5-mile trail run map with a nice bold pink line showing the course you will run. It does not describe the ground, mud, leaf-slips, root systems, puddles, draughts, rain, temperature drops or the cows that crossed the road just before you showed up (ugh)


The primary role of the acupuncturist is to find the terrain; gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of how your body is responding to its environment, your mental as well as physical states. It really is not all about sticking in a few needles.


How can that help a runner? If we truly were born to run and are complicated, then having a guide through the terrain of your body and more importantly how you might, in understanding that terrain a little better, improve the 50% ‘environmental’ part then you’ll be a better runner.




The good news is that only at O’Brien’s Running Club can you run, rehydrate with the finest craft ales in the land (careful now – damp heat!!) and if you wish, enjoy a consultation anytime with the team at Clinic118

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