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Nov 21, 2022              Alexandra Illingworth

This week we celebrated ‘World Acupuncture Awareness Day’.  ‘‘Why’’?, you may ask did we not just celebrate ‘World Acupuncture Day’.  Surely there are few people on this beautiful planet of ours that are still unaware of acupuncture?  My answer would be, ‘Well, yes…and no’!

Let me explain.  While it’s rare now to speak to someone who has never heard of acupuncture, an awareness of its scope, ability – and I have to say an understanding that the needles used are nothing like the ones used in syringes to take blood – is still rare.  

A colleague and I were left speechless earlier this year when a gentleman we were discussing our work with, admitted he had always thought acupuncturists used wooden needles!!  I couldn’t bring myself to ask how he thought they were administered!?

The awareness of acupuncture for pain has grown in recent years – partly due to its recommendation in the NICE guidelines previously for the management of migraine and back pain, and more recently for the broad term of ‘chronic pain’.  

And while acupuncture is excellent at helping deal with, what is for many life affecting pain, it has the ability to help so many other people suffering with, for example,

    •    Sleep Issues

    •    Digestive Problems

    •    Mental Health 

    •    Men’s Health

    •    Menstrual Irregularities

    •    Perimenopause and Menopause Support

    •    Wellbeing and Health Maintenance

Acupuncture is such a gentle medicine, ideal for paediatric patients,

    •    Babies with Colic

    •    Young Children with Chronic Coughs

    •    Hyperactivity

    •    Tics

    •    Bedwetting

    •    Anxiety-Based Pain and Digestive Issues

    •    Food Allergies and Intolerances

    •    Sleep Problems

    •    Anxiety, Depression and Self-Harm

To name just a handful.

So, returning to that first question, I think we do need more ‘awareness’ of acupuncture, and not just for one day a year.  Because, as I’ve said before, acupuncture really is a marvellous medicine, that has the ability to improve the lives of so many people and in my opinion, the more awareness the better!

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